Now you can get away and relax, knowing your pet is receiving the care, love and attention they would receive in their own home. Bark of the Town Kennel is located in Millerstown, Pennsylvania and offers a healthy atmosphere with personal attention to the needs of each pet. Offering boarding services to Perry, Juniata, Dauphin County areas since 1991, Bark of the Town Kennel has established a reputation for giving the highest quality care for your dog or cat.

Modern Facilities & Quality Care

Bark of the Town Kennel was designed for the best of pet care. We have large individual shaded outdoor runs, indoor rooms which are fully heated and air conditioned, enclosed outdoor exercise yards, and separate spacious cat accommodations. Inside the kennel, we play music day and night and during the night we leave the lights on!

Here are the specifics:

  • Our dog kennels are large indoor/outdoor style suites with private inside enclosures connected to full-sized 10-foot long x 4-foot wide outdoor enclosures.
  • The outdoor runs are very spacious and completely covered to allow your pet to exercise in all types of weather. Each outdoor run is separated by 3 foot cinder block wall. Then we extend a heavy gauge chain link fence from the top of the cement wall clear up to the ceiling.
  • Your dog will love running in our exercise area! Featuring over 100 square feet of completely fenced in yard. Perfect for dogs that would like to play with other dogs and for dogs that love to run.
  • The inside enclosures are heated with radiant in-floor heating in the winter and air conditioned in the hot summer months. Exhaust systems and paddle fans are used for proper ventilation and air exchange. Soothing piped-in music plays 24 hours a day for the relaxation of your pet.
  • Each dog gets a spacious 10-foot x 4-foot or 8-foot x 4-foot inside enclosure. The inside enclosures are all separated by a 6 foot solid cement wall to give each guest total privacy while inside. With a few exceptions, the dogs can go in or out as they please.
  • Each dog will have several exercise opportunities throughout the day in our enclosed and secure fenced-in yard. For security, the outside gates are locked at all times.  
  • Our cat kennel is a completely separate building from the dog kennel, therefore making it a quiet, peaceful environment for the cats.
  • Our cat kennels are 4-foot x 4-foot and each cage has a window with a view.
  • If receptive, each cat will be allowed individual playtime while at the cattery.

Bark of the Town Kennel feels that the most important ingredient to keeping our canine and feline guests happy and healthy is human contact, and we ensure that all of our guests get lots of loving attention.

Please bring any bedding that might make your pets visit more comfortable. But please note that these items may be chewed or soiled during your pets stay at the kennel. We have blankets or fluffy comforters available for boarders that require bedding or extra comfort. We ask that you write your dog’s name on everything.

Toys are always welcome. We encourage you to bring an item or two from home to help make your pet feel more comfortable while boarding. Once again, toys can be lost or destroyed during your pets stay at the kennel.

For your pet’s safety we ask that you have your pet on a leash or otherwise under your control when entering and exiting the kennel.

Medications that your pet requires can be continued during their stay with us. Please place medications in air tight containers (not envelopes). It is also a good idea to provide extra pills. There is no charge for the administration of medications.

Food and Special Diets
We provide high quality dry and semi-moist foods. However, providing your pet’s regular food from home packaged in a labeled air tight container is a good idea to prevent stomach upset. Regarding feeding frequency, we will feed your pet according to your instructions (up to two times daily for adult dogs). If no instructions are given, pets will be fed in the morning and evening. We will not need your pet’s bowls as we have stainless steel ones that get washed in the dishwasher frequently. Glass bowls are prohibited. We are not responsible for any bowls that you bring.

Health Care
We have veterinarians on call 24 hours a day to respond to the emergency health needs of our guests. To further ensure the safety and welfare of your pet, Bark of the Town Kennel owners live on the premises. We treat all of our canine and feline guests as if they were our own pets.

Bark of the Town Kennel is a family run business. Our focus is to provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for every pet boarded with us. Our aim is to make their stay as pleasant as possible and to provide ample outdoor daily exercise for the dogs.

Immunization Policy
We require that each dog be vaccinated against Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. We strongly enforce this policy and your animal may be turned away if proof of these shots is not provided upon entering the kennel. Dogs must be vaccinated at least two weeks before boarding at the kennel to ensure the vaccinations effectiveness. Cats must be vaccinated against Rabies and FVRCP (Please visit our Pet Health Page for more information). All dogs must have a current dog license.

Kennel Cam Availability
If you would like your dog to be in a kennel with a camera, please let us know when dropping off your dog for their stay. We will make every effort to place he or she in a kennel with a camera. However during busy times a kennel cam may not be available. We have 16 cameras and 24 kennels so not every dog can have a camera when we are filled. The kennels with cameras are on a first come first serve basis at this time.

Boarding Prices
Dogs – $18.00/night per dog, $16.00/night per dog for two or more dogs boarded together in the same kennel.
Cats – $10.00/night for the first cat, $8.00/night per cat for two cats boarded together in the same kennel.
Unlike other kennels we do not have an extra fee for giving necessary medication or playtime.

Holiday reservations and reservations during the summer months should be made well in advance. It is best to call us at 717.648.0114 to schedule a boarding reservation. If it becomes necessary to change or cancel your reservations, please notify us as early as possible, so that we may book someone from our waiting list. We do not take reservations or check kennel availability through email. When arriving at the kennels please park in the designated areas so as not to block the entrance to the kennels.

Kennel Hours
(please call to schedule boarding during grooming shop hours)
Morning Hours:
Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Afternoon & Evening Hours:
Monday through Friday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Sunday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Kennel hours are subject to change on holidays. Please call for more information.

It is important to our boarders that customers observe our set kennel hours. Off hours provide for periods of quiet relaxation. Inadequate “down time” can cause a variety of problems for our boarders including nervousness, destructive behavior, poor appetite, diarrhea, excessive shedding, etc. Rest times are a crucial part of maintaining a low stress atmosphere. Since we are an owner operated 7-day a week operation, it allows us time for relaxation as well.  Thank you for observing our set hours.

Due to our busy schedule and your dog being our FIRST priority, please call us at 717.648.0114 and schedule a tour as opposed to just showing up. This will allow us to schedule plenty of time to show you our facility and also to let your pet sniff around!

Method of Payment
We gladly accept cash, personal checks, and most major credit cards.

On our web pages you will find answers to most questions you may have about our services. If you have any questions feel free to contact us by phone at 717.589.7387 or click here to email us. Grooming appointments and boarding reservations are only accepted by phone.

Tim & Lauren Ritzman
Bark of the Town

109 W. Sunbury Street Millerstown, PA 17062
Phone 717.589.7387